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Published On: Sun, Oct 27th, 2013

Bridson & Welsh help keep Senior Citizens warm with Senior Project

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Roscommon HIgh School seniors Allison Bridson and Mariah Welsh

Special Note: The first paragraph for all stories about RHS Senior Projects will be the same. This will keep the details and requirements of the projects available for new readers
The senior project is something that all seniors need to successfully complete before they are allowed to graduate from Roscommon High School now. While the doors for the projects are open for the student to pick what they want, some guidelines need to be followed. It needs to be something that 1. Relates to your future career 2. Does something for the community or 3. Somehow benefits the student and makes them a better person.

Allison Bridson and Mariah Welsh are both seniors at Roscommon High School and made a combined effort with their senior project. With the winter months fast approaching, the two young ladies brainstormed about how they could incorporate the cold weather and the areas senior citizens together into one super project. Their conclusion was simple; make fleece throw blankets for the residents at the Horizon Senior Living Center in Saint Helen.

Making donation jars (eight total) and strategically placing them around St. Helen at local businesses, their project was well under way in a short period of time. Collecting $85.00 from the jars was enough money to purchase the materials needed for seven blankets to be made. Walmart of Houghton Lake donated the other six blankets to the project, for a grand total of thirteen fleece throws.

On Monday, October 21st, Bridson and Welsh paid the Horizon Senior Living Center a visit. Armed with the thirteen fleece throws, the residents loved them. Bridson noted, “They all loved them. Some commented on how pretty they were and wondered how much they cost. When we said we were giving them away, it looked like some were ready to cry because they were so happy.”

The other portion of their project also involved blankets, but not for senior citizens. Holding a blanket drive at school has proven to be successful. So far, they have collected ten blankets that will be given out to families in need throughout the community. Principal Ron Alden will handle that portion of the project for them as he has the contacts in the communities to determine who would need the blankets the most.

The girls chose Renee Saulsgiver (Mariah’s grandmother) as their mentor for the project. When asked why or how they chose this particular project, the girls had the same response, “We wanted to help keep the senior citizens warm and put a smile on their faces. We want them to know that people still care.” As for the other part of their project, the girls noted, “Some people just cannot afford warm blankets and will not ask for help. Mr. Alden can find out who they are and deliver the donated blankets for us. Everyone needs to be warm during the winter.”

By Kevin Howe

The thirteen fleece throw blankets that Allison Bridson and Mariah Welsh made for the residents at the Horizon Senior Living Center

The thirteen fleece throw blankets that Allison Bridson and Mariah Welsh made for the residents at the Horizon Senior Living Center



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